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Wobbe Alkema

Wobbe Alkema (1900-1984)

One Abstract Composition in black and white, signed with initials and dated 25-7-49, pen and ink drawing on paper, 20 x 18 cm, unframed

and Eleven 'Nieuwjaarswensen', possibly to be dated from 1957-1968, folded sheets, printed graphic illustrations of abstract compositions in color and in black and white, 15 x 16 cm; and 16 x 20.5 cm, inside text 'met de beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar Wobbe H. Alkema en D.Alkema-Bittkow', one Prof Reigerstraat 1 Groningen, the others Muntplein 9 Kampen

Michel (Mykhailo) Andreeko-Abstract composition

Michel (Mykhailo) Andreeko (1894-1982)

Abstract composition


Oil on board

27 x 31 cm

Exhibited: possibly Amsterdam, Galerie d’ Eendt, 1-24 November 1976

The paintings of this Ukraine artist are characterized by a precision of composition that harmonizes with color
His works are a.o. in the MET, NY, the V&A London and the National Library in Vienna


Armando (1929-2018)


Signed and dated 20-7-89 on the stretcher

Oil on canvas

90 x 70 cm

Jan Battermann - Abstract composition

Jan Battermann (1909-1999)

Abstract composition

Signed twice and dated ‘60

Oil on canvas

80 x 105 cm


Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide)-Coconut and Fireshow

Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide) (b.1977)

Coconut and Fireshow

Signed and dated worldexpo 2000 on the stretcher

Tempora on canvas

199 x 233 cm

Constant-New Babylon

Constant (1920-2005)

New Babylon

Lithograph in colors (orange, dark blue and greenish grey)

50 x 70 cm


To be dated 1966


Ted (Theodore) van Dijk-Embossed Sjablone, serie IV, number 3

Ted (Theodore) van Dijk (b.1948)

Embossed Sjablone, serie IV, number 3

Signed, titled and dated 1984 on a label on the reverse


100 x 100 cm

Comparable works by the artist are in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam and Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar


Peter Duivenvoorden-Nine Geometrical Forms

Peter Duivenvoorden (b. 1951)

Nine Geometrical forms

Pencil on paper

47 x 47 cm

To be dated 1991

Jaap Egmond-Relief

Jaap Egmond (1913-1997)

Reliëf (metal)

Signed and dated 88 on the reverse

54 x 54 cm


Jean Claude Forquin (1936-1963)

Abstract composition

Signed and dated ‘58

Oil on canvas

65 x 53.5 cm

Provenance: The Levefre Gallery, London


Lotti van der Gaag (1923-1999)


Signed and dated ’58, stamped foundry cire perdue Joosten

Edition ½

68 x 65 x 68 cm

Literature: Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, beelden en doeken van Lotti, 1962, no.26 (illustrated)

Exhibited: Laura Soutendijk, Leven en Werk Cobra kunstenares Lotti van der Gaag, 2003, 175


David Hockney-Chair, 38 the colony, Malibu

David Hockney (born 1937)

Chair, 38 the colony, Malibu

Lithograph on paper

Signed, dated ’73, and inscribed with title and numbered 8/60

On wove paper

56.5 x 47.5 cm

Provenance: Gallery Michael Hue-Williams, London; The Jan des Bouvrie Collection; his sale Sotheby’s Amsterdam,19 October 1999, lot 60 where bought by the present owner


Eva van Imhoff-Abstract

Eva van Imhoff (b. 1989)



Ecoline and Aquarel on paper

30 x 40 cm

Hans Kanters-Happy Art Merchant

Hans Kanters (b.1947)

Happy Art Merchant


Oil on panel, oval

34.5 x 24.5 cm

Provenance: Galerie Siau, Amsterdam

Tony Lloyd-Headlights right
Tony Lloyd-Headlights left

Tony Lloyd (b. 1970)

Headlights right

Signed, dated 2002, and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on canvas

30 x 66 cm



Headlights left

Signed, dated 2002 and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on canvas

30 x 66 cm

His paintings have a sense of time frozen, and haunt us through their penetrating ambiguity, speaking of nowhere and no-when. The artist is transfixed by the point of view shot of headlights on a two-lane road which opens Davis Lynch film "Lost Highway"


Louise Marie 'Lou' Louber-Twee-Eenheid

Louise Marie ‘Lou’ Louber (1894-1983)


Signed with initials and dated 57, and signed and dated again and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on board

63.5 x 56.5 cm

Hope Manchester-Alba-Abstract composition

Hope Manchester (1907-1976)

Alba; abstract composition

Signed, signed again and dated ’52 and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on canvas

65.5 x 39 cm

She passed away in Alba-la-Romaine, a rural village in the mountains of southern France. In France she studies with a.o. Leger and Ozenfant and with Stanley William Hayter and his newly formed Atelier 17 (Paris and NY). She participated many times at the so-called Salon Realites Nouvelles. Manchester exhibited in museums like the Modern Art Museum, Paris and the Contemporary Art Museum, Lisbon


Enid Mark-Blue world

Enid Mark (1932-2008)

Blue world

Signed, signed again, annotated and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on canvas

51 x 30.5 cm

To be dated circa 1960’s

Mark was a painter, graphic artist, editor and a publisher of (female) artist’s books
She had a special affinity to the relationship between word and image

Marc Mulders-Peacock

Marc Mulders (geb. 1958)


Signed and dated 090912

Mixed media on paper

50 x 64 cm

Provenance: Directly from the artist

Ednah Root-White plus Four

Ednah Root (1917-1987)

White plus Four

Signed, signed again, dated 1967 and inscribed with title on the reverse

Oil on canvas

95 x 85 cm

Root was an American female artist


Han Schuil-A dent painting-composition with stars

Han Schuil (b. 1958)

Composition with stars

Signed and dated 96/97 on the reverse

Acryl, nails on aluminium

86 x 88 cm

Wouter Sibum-Elektriciteitshuisje-detail

Wouter Sibum (b. 1980)

Elektriciteitshuisje (detail)

Plaster relief on MDF

47 x 60 cm

To be dated 2015

Fred Smits-The Little Tram-Trammetje

Fred Smits (second half 20th century)

Trammetje (the little tram)

Signed and dated 1972 on the reverse

Oil on board

94 x 58.5 cm

The artist exhibited from 17 February until 3 August 1979 at Pulchri studio The Hague


Lucia Stern - Colorful Forms

Lucia K. Stern (1895-1987)

Colorful Forms

Signed, and signed again and dated 1945 on the reverse

Oil on canvas

65 x 110 cm

Provenance: Estate of the artist

She was born in Milwaukee, U.S.A., and studied at the Marquette University

Stern travelled in the 1930’s to New York and became acquainted with the renowned photographers Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, and also befriended with the eminent Bauhaus artist Moholy-Nagy

She was a leading figure in the so-called non-objective art in the USA and has exhibited in a.o. the Detroit Institute of Art and the Museum of Nonobjective paintings (now the Salomon S. Guggenheim Museum) New York


Pierre de Vaucleroy-Femme de Sud-Marocain

Pierre de Vaucleroy (1892-1980)

Femme de Sud-Marocain

Signed and inscribed with title

Pencil on paper

22.5 x 16 cm

To be dated between 1931-33 when the artist travelled Morocco